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Launch of New company Identity: HMS - Healthcare Margin Specialists

August 15, 2012

Ann Arbor, MI and Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 12, 2012

"Obamacare" has increased pressure on healthcare providers to improve efficiencies. For the past five years, the Alliance Cost Containment offices in Southeastern Michigan and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas have specialized in helping healthcare organizations achieve efficiencies and improve margins. Today they announced a new name and identity that ... Read More

Chris Carroll of HMS Contributes to Dallas Business Journal, Healthcare Quarterly

October 14, 2011

Nursing home closures, staff layoffs, price increases and cost-cutting on everything from food to contracted care will likely result from an 11 percent Medicare cut that took effect for skilled nursing Oct. 1. The cuts were first announced July 29, leaving little preparation time for skilled-nursing facilities to figure out how to absorb the revenue cuts with minimal impact on their operations ... Read More

Chris Carroll and Fred Manuel of HMS Discuss Sales in Long Term Care

September, 2011

With or without a degree in finance, distributor sales reps can play a role in helping their long-term-care customers improve their bottom line. By knowing their customers, understanding their needs and thinking outside of a conventional sales approach, reps may be able to offer more financial wisdom than they realize. Indeed, different long-term-care facilities have a different makeup of residents, and therefore a wide range of needs, according to Chris Carroll and Fred Manuel ... Read More

Chris Carroll and Fred Manuel of HMS discuss Budgetary Issues for Nursing Homes

July 1, 2011

Few industries in America today face a more unique set of challenges than nursing homes and assisted care facilities.  Major cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, coupled with ever-increasing numbers of the U.S. population requiring geriatric care, force nursing homes and assisted care facilities to do more with less. When confronted with budgetary shortcomings, the last thing any nursing home director wants to do is make cuts to their staff or services. According to Chris Carroll and Fred Manuel ... Read More