From Prospective Clients

We already have relationships with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). What makes you different?
HMS is not a GPO. A GPO gets paid by the suppliers it represents based on a percentage of sales it generates. HMS gets paid by its clients based on a percentage of measurable, verifiable margin improvement. This could be reduced costs or increased revenue. If we don’t produce, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple. By engaging HMS, the worst thing that can happen is you will spend no money and find out that you have optimized your margin as much as possible. The best and most typical case is that you will gain thousands of dollars in improved margin and pay HMS a percentage of those dollars as they are gained. While this happens, the quality you have worked so hard to build will be protected and in many cases, improve.

We are already doing everything possible to optimize operating margins. Our GPOs are getting us good deals.
Wouldn’t it be great to know if your GPOs are truly getting you the best deals! If they are, it will be validated in our comprehensive process. HMS operates on superior data, knowledge, processes and complete transparency. When we evaluate a category, we are happy to look at any and all suppliers. Once we have performed our process, you will know without a doubt if your GPO is getting you the best deal. Many times suppliers contracted through a GPO will provide better custom pricing to our clients as a result of our process. We help provide the information you need to make the best decision for your organization and the final decision is always yours.

We value our suppliers and worry that if we bring your company in, we’ll alienate them.
It is important to know that HMS respects our clients’ suppliers. They provide a valuable product or service and we understand that. We also understand that relationships can be very important. Through our years of experience, we have also found that supplier relationships can be a barrier to improved margin. It is true that your incumbent supplier relationships will get tested as a result of our process. However, what we have found over and over again is that if the incumbent is truly committed to providing the best pricing and service possible, they will welcome the test because this gives them a chance to prove their value and strengthen the relationship. Throughout the process, we treat your suppliers with the utmost respect and professional courtesy. We can honestly say that we have never harmed any supplier relationship with any of our clients.

I have internal resources that do what you do. Why should I engage you?
We partner with your existing personnel so they become more effective. Even clients that have dedicated purchasing personnel will benefit from our process. Most purchasing people are very busy working on specific projects, including large capital acquisitions. They typically don’t have the time and resources to perform the kind of focused, comprehensive analysis that HMS can. We have many years of experience working with many different clients and are constantly refining and improving our process. It is not unusual for us to effect significant margin improvements in 8 to 12 weeks. Most internal resources are so busy “keeping the engine running” that it could take them months or even years to perform a similar project. You can think of HMS as additional expert resources that are compensated  for validated success.

Our staff is very busy and overburdened. We need to improve margins but don’t have time to work with you.
HMS prides itself on taking as little client time as possible. We do as much of the work as we can so that your staff doesn’t have to. Most of our clients have had the same concern, but our process is designed to work with a minimum of your staff time.  At the conclusion of a successful engagement, our clients are often pleasantly surprised about how little time we take. We involve your staff as needed because it is critical that they have input in this process, but we do all of the heavy lifting so your team can continue to fulfill their daily responsibilities.

What if we bring you in and you are very successful? I’m worried that might make me look bad.
We can’t stress enough that we are partners with you and are not here to make our company look good at your expense. After all, you were the one who took the initiative to bring us in and deserve the credit for the results achieved. When you go to your board or your boss and report how much margin was improved as a result of our partnership, you will receive deserved accolades for that accomplishment.

We used a company like yours one time and had a bad experience.
Unfortunately, as with any type of business, there are people and companies that over-promise and under-deliver. It is always our goal to do the opposite and we are happy to provide client references that attest to our integrity and quality. All of us at HMS have a deeply held conviction that our clients are providing a vitally important service to their residents and patients. It is our job to help clients with resources and focus that will help them achieve their mission. Our goal is for every client we work with to become an enthusiastic referral source.

FAQ’s From Suppliers

We have worked hard to develop a superior brand. How do we know you will properly represent our product or service?
HMS works very hard to represent all suppliers fairly and accurately. It is important that HMS provide information to the client in a format that makes it possible for them to accurately compare suppliers’ proposals. This means that HMS will ask for information to be provided in a standard format. However, suppliers are always free to provide additional information and marketing material.

We don’t like to get in price wars. We aren’t the least expensive, but believe our product is worth the money.
HMS also doesn’t believe suppliers should be chosen based on price alone and is sensitive to the fact that quality can suffer when price is the only concern.  However, price is definitely one of the factors that are considered and HMS believes that prices paid have to be justified based on market conditions, quality and how well the product or service meets the needs of our clients.

Can I trust you to keep my information confidential?
HMS is very sensitive about information privacy. HMS has a policy to not share supplier pricing and other sensitive information with any party other than the client.