HMS provides margin improvement opportunities in more than 40 categories.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    HMS can help significantly increase the margin produced by your in-house or outsourced rehabilitation services operation.
  • Pharmacy
      HMS has the knowledge, expertise and data to ensure that your facility gets the best pricing possible and that it is maintained.
  • Diagnostics Services
      Whether it is imaging or laboratory diagnostics, HMS will make sure that you are getting the best service at the best price.
  • Medical Supplies
      For most facilities, managing medical supply expenses is daunting. HMS will help you get the best supplies at the best prices.

What we do ?

HMS provide consulting services to increase operating margins of healthcare facilities including Skilled Nursing Centers, In-Home Care operations, Continuous Care Retirement Communities and various medical facilities. HMS is unique as it operates on a no risk contingency fee model partnering with companies to improve income and reduce supplier and service expenses. HMS measures and validates improvements in income and expenses for all of their clients. HMS is not a GPO (Group Purchasing Organization). HMS is a "disrupter" to the traditional process utilized by most healthcare providers as their model simply deals with financial facts and does not play favorites to any suppliers; instead, HMS studies the issues in depth, does the heavy lifting so their clients don't have to and then the client reviews the recommendations for approval and implementation.

Case Studies

HMS has helped numerous clients significantly increase revenues and lower costs. We have selected some case studies to help illustrate the value of an HMS partnership.

HMS In the News

HMS has contributed to and been quoted in numerous news articles and trade publications. The HMS news page has links to a collection of those articles and publications that we think our clients and prospective clients would bet interested in.